coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Thursday, May 2, 2019

7 Hours

We took care of our 7-year old grandson, N, for 7 hours the other day. Here's what we did:
  • Made weapons out of Tinker Toys.
  • Grandma and N made corn muffins.
  • Had epic fight with Tinker Toy swords. N won.
  • Grandpa and N found an undiscovered Easter egg in the yard. It had 4 dimes in it - yay!
  • We all went for a swim.
  • Grandma and N tried to push Grandpa off his floatie.
  • Played Marco Polo in water.
  • Played keep-away in the water.
  • N picked vegetables.
  • N took a bath. Grandma and N squabbled over how high the bath water should be. Grandma won.
  • Grandma and N watched an episode of Sponge Bob.  Grandpa disappeared.
  • N played with small cars while watching Sponge Bob. Grandma disappeared.
  • N realized G&G weren't in room and bellowed for us to come back. We complied.
  • Tried to find a board game to play. Couldn't agree.
  • Blew up balloons and instead of tying them off, let them go all over the house.
  • Grandpa wouldn't play hide and seek. N called him a "party ruiner." Grandpa was not ashamed.
  • N played computer games, Grandma snuck out of computer room. N didn't notice.
  • Break time for G&G while N played with small cars.
  • Drove downtown to eat.
  • Grandma and N raced from the parking lot to the restaurant trying to beat Grandpa there. N won,
  • Drew silly and unflattering pictures of each other.
  • Worked on activity workbook and ate.
  • Walked to the pavilion and waited until someone occupying one of the 4 swings left.
  • N threw pennies in fountain.
  • Two people left and we got their swing!
  • N pushed G&G frightfully high on the swing.
  • N joined us on the swing, complaining we didn't swing high enough.
  • Took turns jumping off the swing. Ouch. (Note to self, getting too old to jump off swings.)
  • Grandma and N raced to the car, got in, slumped down and "surprised" Grandpa when he arrived.
  • Went for ice cream.  
  • Took N to his house and waited for his parents.
  • N played Minion's Rush on Grandma's iphone.
  • N and Grandma played with magnetic tiles. 
  • N said "Isn't this great?"  I asked "What?" He replied,"You, me, Grandpa, here. This."
  • N's parents came home and G&G skedaddled. 


  1. I think that if we had kept up that schedule, the last entry would read "G & G - RIP"

  2. I think you put in a day and deserved to skedaddle. Seven years old is no so easy and one, two, three, or even four and five and six. You know what I mean!

  3. You packed a lot into 7 hours! *Winks* Bailing during Sponge Bob tho', say it ain't so?! *Bwahahaha!* Having raised two of our Grands and having them 24-7 and 365 I know far too much about this Generations Cartoons and Nikolodian Favs. I think enduring the Cartoons wasn't so bad, but what 13 Year Old Girls watch, well, Princess T laughs when it works my last nerve! They always make the Adults on those Shows out to be Idiots incapable of a thought... not a good message but she loves some of those damned Tween Shows! The Show iCarly and Sam & Cat was probably the worst and now that she's kinda 'Over' those, Thank God, we laugh about how the one Female Character's persona drove me Mental! *LOL* Ariana Grande may sing okay, but good Lord the Character she played on that Show was so irritating! *Smiles* But, you do learn to Love what they Love, because it isn't all about us is it? I'm sure N had the time of his Life and it was clearly a Big indulgent Day for him! You're Fantastic Grandparents!!! So many can't hang for an Hour! *Winks*

    1. Thanks, Dawn. Your praise for grandparenting means a lot, coming from someone who raised some of their grandkids. I don't know how you garnered the energy to do it. Love is a powerful motivator.

  4. What a fun day. N will have such great memories of his grandparents.

  5. A day well spent and then you got the best Thank You. Priceless!

    1. It was wonderful. As tired as I was, I could hardly sleep that night, so many good thoughts and memories kept me awake.

  6. I am exhausted just reading this. But you did a Good Thing.

  7. We watch our 5 year old grandson for a few hours every Tuesday. I think I'll check your list here for things to do with him. We always have fun. And afterwards, Roger and I are utterly exhausted. So much energy in those little ones.

  8. That's all? Are you sure you haven't forgotten anything?

    (Seriously, I am worn out from reading.)

    1. Ha! There actually were a few more things but I cut them because the post got way too long.

  9. "You, me, Grandpa, here. This."

    N's "Thank you" made my heart sing! He loves you two and you love him, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!! With a love like that ....

    1. Ooooh, thanks for the Beatles reference.

  10. N said "Isn't this great?" I asked "What?" He replied,"You, me, Grandpa, here. This."

    I love this. Sounds like you all had a wonderful/tiring time. He's a lucky young man.

  11. Younger daughter (Occasional Speeder), hubbie and Grandson Zach (aged 12) are due here late afternoon. Here's a prediction of Zach's activities insofar as they affect VR and me.

    • Arrives (4-ish), nods to us, takes assorted electronic equipment upstairs to the small bedroom. May ask for loan of charger cable.

    • Called downstairs (6-ish) for nutrition. Takes plateful upstairs.

    • OS, Hubbie or RR calls upstairs (11-ish): "Time to put on your PJs Zach." Faint response.

    • Silence. RR goes to bed (1-ish), passes Zach's bedroom and hears one half of a conversation. Assumes (hopes!) this is evidence of interactive computer game.

    • Silence, darkness.

    • Stirring sound on landing (10-ish, next day). RR shaves, goes downstairs where Zach has served himself an unhealthy breakfast.

    • Guests depart (midday-ish). Zach kisses VR goodbye, does a "squeeze" handshake on RR. RR enters Zach's bedroom, picks up breadcrusts, empty pop can, grape stalks and widely distributed crockery and shuffles down to kitchen.

    1. I quite enjoyed this! A view into my future with N. "Called downstairs for nutrition."

  12. Seven hours?! That is easily 2 or 3 days! What troopers the grands are! Bravo.


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