coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wrapping It All Up

You should see me wrapping Christmas presents this year.  I love Christmas and I really like buying presents.  However, I am SO over the present wrapping thing.  I distinctly remember the great joy I derived from wrapping Christmas presents when I was a teenager.  I always volunteered to wrap the family presents for my Mom, to help her out at a busy time of the year.  I went to great lengths to make each present a work of art.  I made bows with wide ribbon.  I added festive decorations.  They were beautiful.  It was fun.  Unfortunately as I got older, each year I became a little less creative and a little less thrilled with the process.  Now I do not even put bows on the presents.  Seriously.  No bows.  They are just another expense and make for more trash fouling up the environment.  Bah, humbug.  Away with all bows.

I buy the cheapest wrapping paper I can find and I wrap those suckers as fast as I can.  Today I was wrapping like a fiend, trying to get every present I currently have wrapped and ready for the big day.   Because my wrapping paper is so cheap and crappy, when I pull the sides together to seal the package, the paper often rips open at the corners.  HA!  That does not bother the likes of me!  I laugh (ho, ho, ho) as I apply Scotch magic tape and patch up the corners.  I am NOT gonna re-wrap the damn present because of a little, wussy rip.  The grandkids are going to tear open the package wrapping anyway. They will not notice. And if they do, it will be a pleasant Grandma memory they can share with their own kids someday - along the lines of "Your Great Grandma was SO cheap, she wouldn't even ...{insert your own memory}.  I own it.  I enjoy myself.  I am a rebel at heart.

Hey, I think I got this from my own sweet Grandma.  She was a sweet transplanted mountain woman from the hills of Tennessee.  Do not call her a hillbilly, 'cause then I will have to hurt you.  She was, without a doubt, the best person I ever met.  When we moved away from Northern Indiana for a few years in my childhood, she would send us big Christmas packages filled with lots of presents.   None of those presents had bows.  The bows would have just gotten smooshed in the tightly packed box; however, she would not use tags, either.  She would simply write the name of the kid on the wrapping paper.  I wish I would have thought of that, because I also resent buying the stupid tags.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and trust your own instincts.  Do not let Hallmark run your life. 


  1. Funny stuff!!! I use to enjoy writing out my cards and wrapping gifts....but, like you, it's not the fun & games it used to be! I have had an addiction with buying Christmas cards and always have a bunch on hand (I get them after the holiday so they are super cheap!!), but I am down to two cards! Just two!!! And I am thinking that I won't buy any the day after Christmas this year. I am taking a break! M and I just "talked" about this the other day!!! I sent a couple packages via USPS and didn't wrap a single thing inside! I told the recipient to open the box upon arrival! I did, however, wrap one box with a brown paper bag, so it was mail-able! I have 3 items to wrap today; all nice and square. The wrapping paper I have has been in my "party" tote for a number of years, one is still in its cellophane packaging!! We just threw away a bag of bows that I have had for YEARS and which were so smooshed, they were beyond help, so none are getting bows. I do, tho, have some tags and I intend to use them until they are gone. But, like you, I won't be buying more. I will put on a CD of holiday music to set the mood. (I had to play music or throw in a holiday movie when making out my cards this year!!!) What is wrong with us?!? HA!!!

  2. Divine,
    There is nothing wrong with us. We are in the spirit, just not of Christmas. :)

    1. I am very much looking forward to the Solstice on Sunday, however! :)


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