coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Play Date

My daughter delivered four wild 9-year old boys with McDonalds Happy Meals at 1:30 p.m the other day. 

We had two craft options. After loudly discussing the merits of each, they voted. They chose the hardest. With dread, Tom and I read the instructions. By then, the boys were in their swimming trunks and out the back door to the pool. 

They swam, cannonballed, thrashed, splashed, and pushed each other into the pool for nearly 2 hours. Elaborate water tag rules were invented, bellowed, and disregarded. Tom, wise and silent like all good lifeguards, sat sentinel.  

I tried to mind my own business, but had to announce our no hitting rule when Connor hit Blake over the head with a pool noodle. And when I heard Micah scream, I reminded Niko that the rubber Disney swords hurt when you slapped them onto someone's arm.  

After swimming, they frosted and decorated cupcakes. I taught them the M&M technique: frost a cupcake and then immediately plunge the top into a bowl of mini M&M's. The result being an encrusted delight. They consumed ungodly amounts of sugar. What did I care?  

They played hide and go seek out back, through the house, and out the front door. Eventually, they decided they were hungry again. This time they wanted hot dogs and french fries, which I dutifully made. They played video games, and only ate the french fries.

I was at the computer when all four marched in. Niko said "Grandma, can we jump on your bed?" I said, "No." Niko said, "Please?" I said, "No." Niko said, "Please, please, PLEASE?" I said "No." 

"Awwww" he replied unhappily as they marched back out.  


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Anniversary themes

As you probably know, each anniversary has a traditional theme. I couldn't remember what 50 was, so I looked up a Hallmark web site. This anniversary (coming right up) is our "golden" anniversary. But get this:  Hallmark says the anniversary theme for 53 years is PLASTIC.  So in 3 years we can celebrate our plastic anniversary?  

I had to laugh. Their motto should be: Hallmark, cheapening the human experience every damn day.

I also discovered there are flower themes for anniversaries. That seems more appropriate. After 50 years a couple doesn't need more things. They need more flowers. Planted firmly in the ground, preferably, where they can grow as strong as a 50 year marriage.

from Wikipedia:

Monday, July 19, 2021

"I don't want to lose (fill in the blank)"

We picked our grandson up on the last day of school at the end of May. He was quiet. I assumed he was sad about school ending. Later he told me he watched a movie about climate change. Apparently it was graphic, because he is still terrified.  

He sobbed and clung to me, saying "I don't want to lose my beautiful family, my beautiful world." He's nine years old.  Holy Mother of God, that moment ripped open a hole in my heart that may never heal.  For both of us.  For all of us.  

I don't want to lose my beautiful family, or my beautiful world either.  

Friday, July 2, 2021


I went with daughter M, and grandkids E, and N to Epcot. It is the Disney theme park with many countries represented, including France (where we ate lunch). E had escargot as an appetizer. Niko had pommes frites, of course, and nothing else. We bought a hat for a cat in Japan. We did a scavenger hunt that took us all over the "world." The Garden and Flower Festival is going on right now, so the flora was lush and colorful. We usually buy a Boddington's at the pub in England, or a Margarita in Mexico, but this time we were saving ourselves for France.  

I paid $40 for a meal consisting of thin and fatty fillet mignon, overcooked green beans, and mashed potatoes that had clearly been sitting on a plate long enough to form a skin.
 Highway robbery! As a woman named Colette, I was scandalized. I think the real France should be notified. They are being misrepresented.  

I took some pictures to make you laugh, or scratch your head, or make you wish you were there. Whatever floats your boat. I've included a display of berets for sale in the French store. I sent it to my friend Anne de Nantes. She assured me the French wear berets ALL the time, even when they go swimming at the beach. Ha! 

I must admit, it was a fun day with people I love so much I could scream.

Here's the view from Japan

The cat in the hat