coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Sunday, August 29, 2021

We have a cat!

For most of our marriage we have co-existed with at least one cat. Our last one, Buddy, died 5 years ago. We decided then to forego getting another animal. As much as we love cats, we were happy with that decision.  

Our daughter and her family have 4 cats (!). One, Murray, is the alpha male. He doesn't tolerate other cats well. It created a stressful environment for all. Murray needs to be an only cat. He would prefer being pampered, spoiled, and admired above all others. Me, too.

Somewhat reluctantly, we agreed to take him in. It was definitely a rescue, but not of Murray. Our taking him rescued the 3 other cats. We just got him last night. He is still scared and traumatized by the change. He's in hiding.

My husband is the Pied Piper of cats. They all love him, and he loves them. I trust his judgment and approach to winning Murray over, which is to give the cat time and space. There is also some baby talk, treats, and petting. It's a start. 

When we went to bed last night Murray was underneath. I was totally cognizant there were now three "people" in the house. It was a good feeling.  

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Mid-August Florida Photos

 We went to the Oakland Nature Preserve for a lovely walk in the woods the other day.  Here are some of the things we saw.

fruit of a cypress tree

new growth

clouds reflected in water that was disturbed

interesting tree limb with Spanish moss

water accumulating on a taro leaf (not native to 
Florida, invasive)

butterfly on scarlet hibiscus


peruvian primrosewillow -  not native (invasive)

not a good photo of a vulture,
but the best I could do considering
it was a sunny day and I had to 
use my largest zoom lens AND 
crop the result.  I need a super duper
lens like so many other old people 
use for taking pictures of birds

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Anna Maria Island

Tom and I are back from vacation with our daughter's family on Anna Maria Island. It sits between Tampa and Sarasota on the Gulf Coast.

The rental house had a pool table and a swimming pool. Good thing, because we spent most of our time there. Why?

First, COVID is surging again in Florida. Our moronic governor refuses to do anything intelligent. Ever. The rental house was booked last spring when it looked like things were getting better. We went, knowing we would wear masks and get take-out meals. No surprises there.

Second, Florida's Gulf Coast is experiencing red tide. Although the local media claims it isn't "that" bad at Anna Maria Island, it smelled and made us cough when we were near the beach. I walked to a tiki bar near the water the first day and my chest hurt all evening from coughing. So, we didn't go near the beach after that.  

Beach towns and rental houses have their own kitsch, which I enjoy. Sadly, Anna Maria Island locals have allowed greedy developers to build, build, build. When we drove onto the island from Brandenton, I was shocked at the sprawl. I couldn't help but wonder what a civilized country might have done with an island?

I know this sounds negative, but we actually enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to get away and spend time with family. We are all used to being inside by now. It was just fun to be inside someplace new for a while.