coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Time

Oh gee, where DOES the time go? And where does it come FROM, for that matter? These are the thoughts I have in retirement.

It is a helluva thing, Time. Closing in on 65, I figure I've had a lot of it. I hope to have more, of course. However, if something happened to end my time I would go out knowing that I have had a long and eventful life. I would have very few regrets.

But would I change anything? Would I go back, knowing what I know now and do things differently to avoid pain or hardship? Sure.

Then I wonder if I would have had as many adventures, victories, or just plain "Yes!" moments to remember. Who would I be if I had been able to avoid pain or struggle? Just how does this work, living a life?  

Afterthought/added after original post:  
And what of disease, trauma, and violence? These do no one any good.  I would change those things if I could.  

My footprint in the sand at St. Augustine Beach, August 2016.


  1. I don't know how it works. But I do know that if I had the chance I would go back and change a lot of the pain. If everything that has happened to us in our lives makes us who we are, then perhaps it also changes who we could have been.

    1. Your comment stuck with me all day. It inspired me to go back and add an addendum 'cause I felt like my post was a bit glib.

  2. And have you ever felt the older we are, the faster time flies? I feel as though I no longer have enough time left to do the things i want. Sort of like watching the candle with the hour marks on it melting away and so thinking the hour markers are now alot thinner than there were 20 years ago. Maybe that is just my new brains way of seeing time.

    1. My days just fly by now, it's true. It is also a little disconcerting.

  3. I think I might disagree with your addendum (which will perhaps become a blog post) but mostly your post reminded me of this song:

    "On My Way To You"

    So often
    As I wait for sleep
    I find myself reciting
    The words I've
    Or should have said
    Like scene
    That need rewriting

    The smiles
    I never answered
    Doors perhaps
    I should have opened
    Songs forgotten
    In the morning

    I relived
    The roles I played
    The tears
    I may have squandered
    The many pipers
    I have paid
    Along the road
    I wandered

    Yet all the time
    I knew it
    Love was somewhere
    Out there waiting
    Thought I may regret
    A kiss or two

    If I had changed
    A single day
    What when to miss
    Or when to stray
    I may have never found
    My way to you

    I wouldn't change
    A thing that happened
    On my may to you


    1. I would most certainly defer to you on this, 8thday, as you know a thing or two about the ideas I'm struggling to formulate in this post. I look forward to reading your post on the subject.

  4. I wish I could go back and undo some of the hurtful things I said and did. I never thought of anyone but myself. I've changed now, but it's too late to undo all the pain I caused. Blessings


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