coming out of my shell

coming out of my shell

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bacon and Blockbuster Brunch

Our granddaughter, E, spent a few hours at our house today at what I hope served as our very first Bacon and Blockbuster Brunch.   

She is a young "tween" at that awkward age between child and teenager.  I tend to get on her nerves now, so it is hard to find ways to bond with her.  Making silly faces followed by long, loud, fake burps used to enchant her.  In simpler times we made up stories together, each developing the plot for a few minutes and then passing it on to the other to continue the story line.  The goofier the plot, the better.  It was great fun.  Apparently, not anymore.  Darn!

I am struggling to find ways to relate to her tween mindset.  I need to find things to do with her that she likes to do.  Unfortunately, playing Minecraft on the PS4 makes me car sick.   

FYI, the only person who admires me unconditionally these days is my grandson, who is not yet 3.   He thinks my silly faces and fake burps are hilarious.  In fact, he told me the other day that when he grows up he wants to be a Gwamma.  I still have a few good years left before he stops wanting to hang out with me.  Then I may have to run away and join the circus.  Finally.

This morning I was missing her.  I decided to invite her over to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark.  She was seriously considering coming to the old folks home, but I could tell she was wavering.   I promised to make her brunch with bacon, eggs, AND pancakes.  She was immediately in.  T went to pick her up while I cooked, and we had a lovely few hours together, the three of us.  

She left happy, filled with pancakes and smelling of bacon grease. 


  1. Wow....sounds like great fun!!! Good for you Grandma.....hopefully I can kick this awful nasty flu bug with a bad cough very soon and get back in the mix with you!!! I haven't seen E is so long.....I am heartbroken about how much time has passed mostly because I have been sick the better part of 2 weeks.....but once I am better, I will have to figure out how to relate to E how you know so much history about many things!!!!

    1. Thanks Granny! As you well know, E is a tough nut to crack. Must come from her father's paternal side or her mother's paternal side. Everyone knows it couldn't come from you or me. We are such sweet and softspoken women!

  2. You are an awesome grandma! I have always enjoyed the time with my grandma (my mom's mom) and the stories she shares with me. I am sure E does, too!


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